Thursday, June 19, 2008

NO! NO! Bad blogger! Bad!

I should be ashamed of myself! I've been such a bad blogger lately! I've had the time to blog but lately I've been being lazy. Summer is always a really busy time and I think this is one of the exciting summers for me yet. This year has been and is going to be busy with trips to the cities, 3 weddings, concerts, and Chicago I'm ready!!
My boss Cathy and I went to Wisconsin for a cash and carry show and I had a great time! We stopped at some really fun quilt shops and I got some goodies! I found a super cool embroidery book by Mary Engelbreit, and some awesome unique fabric... I haven't made anything out of it, yet!

Mom gave me a cool pattern for an "easy" lunch sack, this weekend sounds like a good time to sew since Alex is having friends over for a Soul Caliber video game tournament.... sound stupid? Well I'm he will have lots of fun and that's all that matters.

I embroidered a tea towel from a pattern out of my Mary Engelbreit book. I love the rick rack around the outside of the tea, so cute! I'm thinking of some day doing my kitchen in black and red to match with all my hello kitty gadgets... someday...
I really enjoy stitching and this was a cute free pattern I found online. It was a really fast stitch it took me about 3 hours, I pared it up with some Amy Butler fabric and it looks great in the bathroom!

So as I said I have 4 weddings this year. Alex's cousin Eric is getting married July, 12th. Then his sister gets married July, 26th. Our good friends Adam and Jackie are getting married in September. Then of course my love Bobbie and Matt's wedding in December. I had bought a dress for Bonnie's wedding then I was thinking a dress, dancing, and me drinking may be a bad thing... Chicago is also coming up in July and I really wanted to buy some ting that I could get good use of. My sister, Maxton, and I went to Sioux Falls on Tuesday and I got a suit which I feel great in, and I think I look pretty damn good in too!
Becki made this great video of Maxton and for those of you who haven't seen its just the best! Shes so creative and Maxton is one hell of a stud!
You should just be able to click on it?