Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well it has been awhile! I truly have been busy, but I should always take time out to BLOG! Here's whats been going on with me...
I've been working on wedding stuff, I pretty much have all of my flowers done. My "Hello Kitty" is my favorite, its not finished yet I still need eyes, nose, ears... Alex and I were Usher/Bridesmaid, at Alex's cousin Matt and Bobbies wedding in December... it was a good time.

I was feeling a little sick yesterday, but today I'm much better. So I got motivated and finished this pillow I had stitched a while ago. It feels good to finish old projects!

I took my first class ever, (which my mother taught) and we made this sweet treat bag. It was a free pattern from the moda website that we made at The Pincushion. It was so simple! I'm glad I took this class, I plan on make many more of theses!
Now for some old stuff.... Valentines Day was here and gone. I made two yo-yo heart garlands and sold them both. They are "limited addition".
In January I went to market in Madison Wisconsin with my favorite boss Cathy. We stopped at some really cool quilt shops and I got so awesome fabric! I plan on making a bag of some sort with the blue skull fabric. I loved this vintage Halloween fabric I think I'm going to embroider something and make a wall hanging...
I have a stash I need to organize and make room for more fabric : )
That's all for now, but I'm really going to try to use my blog as motivation to make more stuff this year!