Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm such a bad blogger...

I'm a super lazy girl and have been very naughty about blogging lately. My mom is like the only person who visits my blog and shes been yearning for more so this ones for you mom.

I've made a pot roast before but had tecnical difficulties with my "crack" pot. I threw that one away and used a slow cooker this time. I was sure that when I got off work I'd have a delicious supper waiting for me but, unfortunately it wasn't done. I took it out because I was really hungry. It looked great but the taste could have been better. Next time it should be perfect, that is if I wanna give it another try....

Lots has happened besides the roast, Halloween was here and gone, and my big sister had a baby boy, Maxton! I'm an Aunt!

My best friend Andrea and I were quite the couple on Halloween this year. I rented a brown bunny costume in honor of Donnie Darko, and my buddy Andrea decided to be a clown like she is every year! hehe, She looks pretty good as a clown. Its was my first 21st Halloween and we had lots of fun!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


So I made it to the craft store finally. Since our towns just closed I have to drive 100 miles to get my crafty items. I really stocked up. I love Hobby Lobby I went through every isle and it only took me 45 mins. Alex and his buddy followed behind me the entire time telling me how stupid Hobby Lobby is. I really wanted to beat them... I got some great stuff and made some, wanna see? Here I'll show you,

These are really fun to make. I love shrinky dinks. I have a lot of great ideas and I'm excited to get busy! I'm stocking up my store before I open it on, its such a great place!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Pile Up of Projects!

I wish my hands could work as fast as my imagination does. I keep coming up with all these great ideas, thank god for project note books. I just can't keep up, between work and more work, cleaning the house, and feeding my man. I will get these projects finished, I WILL. I can do it, I just have to take it day by day. There's what I have as of now,

I got this great hello kitty fleece at my local fabric warehouse, (if you didn't know I'm addicted to anything Hello Kitty) the only problem is in the midst of surging the outside my foot got really heavy and my old girl couldn't keep up. I broke every single thread, the surger is like a UFO to me and I have now clue on how to re thread the four needles. I must break out the book..... ooh.

My big sister, Becki is due in November so I bought this cute flannel for receiving blankets. Surgers are the perfect tool for this however mine is out of order, as of right now. Shes not sure whats shes having so I picked out some neutral fabric.

I really enjoy needle work, its like coloring with a needle and thread. Here's a cute twist on the normal Hello Kitty, Hell Kitty. Evil I know but I thought it would be really cute framed and hung in the perfect place...

My custom stamp finally arrived from, I love it! I feel very professional. I ordered some plain labels and I'll stamp them for each of my projects.

Fall is on its way and its my favorite time of the year. I just started working part- time at a great store, The Little Red Hen. It's a gift shop that specializes in primitive aged gifts. I'm a lover of Wizard of Oz so when I saw these in the shop I had to get them. I do believe I'll leave them up all year long.

It's been a horribly long day for myself so I'm going to enjoy a nice glass of wine and head to bed. Until next time, I must leave on a very happy note, my cute little kitty Cheech, loves to perch on everything! Here he is in this favorite place the bathroom sink...

Monday, September 3, 2007

Born to Ride...

Found this on someones blog and it put a smile on my face:)

This Labor day weekend was very exciting. We really didnt have too much planned, just some rest and relaxation. We headed down to Armour on sat. to meet up with alex's family and head to Wagner for the poker run. It's was a gorgeous ride, I always forget how freeing it is to be behind the handle bars. It's was long, 13 stops, and my butt did get sore however it was totally worth it. Alex was a very lucky man, out of the 206 registered, Alex held the best hand, winning 1st place, with 4 8's. It was really sweet he even recieved one of those huge checks! 1,000 dollars richer and hopefully we can repair some things with the house before winter comes. I'm so happy for him, he really deserved it!

Then on sunday we checked out Halloween. I didn't know what to expect I'm usually ok with scary movies, (as long as it doesn't envolve mountain people eating other people). I was told it was very scary and when the ticket man said, "oooh more brave souls", when collecting our ticket I thought what did I get myself into. Leaps and bounds from the first Halloween, Rob Zombie put hes sadistic twist on a cult classic and I give it 2 thumbs up! This is one for your collections!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bad Blogger, Bad!

Excuses, Excuses, I know but my computer had a horrible cold and my brother had it in Rapid trying to make it feel better. So my little Dell is doing better but, I would rather send it away for a new one. I guess as they say, "...use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without."

Any who, I have been trying to stay busy. I'm into projects that are fast and easy. I like to add my own special touch as well. My friend, Trina needed a birthday present for her friend and had me painting.

It turned out pretty good. Its definitely not the same as the album cover which is what I like about it. I used a plain white canvas, and dyed it with really strong coffee, gives it a nice aged look. I hope he enjoys his birthday gift, I enjoyed making it...

I also pulled out my good ol' rock tumbler. I haven't tumbled any rocks in this bad boy for a while. It takes several weeks to get the rocks looking like jewels but I'm getting here. I thought they would make nice jewelry or accessories for my bags.

Other then those couple projects Ive been majoring in slack so I think I've done a pretty descent job. I'm gonna get that etsy shop up and going as soon as I get some more projects made. Until then I'll leave you with this,

McDonalds toys! Can you believe it? I just love hello kitty!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

So this I whipped this purse out in about 2 hours. I learned a lot from the first one and used the same pattern again. I did make some changes however. I put an inside pocket to hold, keys, your cell phone, an ipod... and I used a heavier weight fusible web which makes the bag more durable. I love making these purses, they are "sew" cute. I have another polka dot bag in the making... one a day I'm doing pretty good: )

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Flower Power!

One beautiful site we get to see only for a short time each year is our cherry tree in bloom. It's so cool to watch it change all year long. I'm excited for the cherries, they were a little tart last year and I didn't do anything with them. I'll have to search for some good recipes...

Besides the cherry tree we also have a huge rose bush in the front yard. It's grown outta control but I really don't want to cut it, I kinda like the crazy rose bush look. Flowers are everywhere in my yard, thank you previous owner!

Weed pulling is definitely in need for my yard. We bought our house last March 06', and I've determined yard work = hard work. I've been lazy, but we were lucky enough to get a house with a very decent yard already. I have several things in mind; mural in our back yard, and tiny mushroom tables. I was watching HGTV and saw a lady make awesome toadstool table and chair set. I've recruited a friend and we are ready to get them made.

Check out the link,,,HGTV_3257_4224971,00.html

Pokey Dot

Wow, this one was fast. It took me about 5 hours to complete this purse. I had to piece the handles but, you can hardly tell. I'm just restarting my sewing hobby, which means I had to call mom twice to really understand what the pattern was telling me to do. Over all I'm very happy with the end result. I was very patient for once and it turned out great!

I've been bitten by the inspiration bug and have decided to try to make some items to sell on . My sister has her own shop,, and has inspired me to give something new a chance. I'm a very creative person, and I'm hoping others enjoy my talent.

Monday, June 18, 2007


So I'm finally getting my act together. I started on a purse today and its looking really cute. I'm not sure yet if I will keep my first purse or give it to my friend. This is pretty exciting for me.