Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's been a while but a lot has been happening lately! It's been a busy few months and now Christmas is just around the corner!
Maxton had his 1st birthday, we all dressed up it was a great time! My nephew is getting too big too fast, we all are really enjoying this time.

Uncle Alex even enjoyed himself!
Halloween was a blast! I had to get a picture with Darth Vader!

I had a day off today and I got a lot of sewing done. I really didn't have any major problems so I didn't get too frustrated.

Took me about 2 days to make three different size yo-yo's out of the rest of my Amy Butler, Midwest modern charm pack. After I connected them using the button hole stitch with my sewing machine. I'm thinking it would be a cute garland for a mini white Christmas tree.

I also finished a table runner out of this funky chandler fabric I got in Wisconsin. I also whipped up a couple purse organizers. These purse organizers are great and everything has its place in my purse.
Well that's all I got for now! Stay tuned I've got a lot of great Christmas projects jumping around in my head, I'm gonna be a good blogger let keep up!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Handy Work

So my best girl friend, Bobbie is having a birthday this Saturday, when I saw this saying on a sign at work it reminded me of her. We always have a blast together and this saying is soo true for us! I hope she likes it...

Another project I finished was this one hour bag! I love browsing around on other crafters blogs and I found this easy pattern on, Jodie's blog! I really only did take me 1 hour, and I love this because I can make the bag smaller or larger depending how much scrap fabric I have laying around, and trust me I have a lot!!! Anyways, try this pattern for yourself its great!

Mom got me a panel of this under the rainbow Wizard of Oz print and the blocks were the perfect size for coasters! Theses turned out really great, I plan on making a few sets to sell at work! Speaking of work check out our blog and the Little Red Hen website! Yes I am the web mistress, and I love it!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

NO! NO! Bad blogger! Bad!

I should be ashamed of myself! I've been such a bad blogger lately! I've had the time to blog but lately I've been being lazy. Summer is always a really busy time and I think this is one of the exciting summers for me yet. This year has been and is going to be busy with trips to the cities, 3 weddings, concerts, and Chicago I'm ready!!
My boss Cathy and I went to Wisconsin for a cash and carry show and I had a great time! We stopped at some really fun quilt shops and I got some goodies! I found a super cool embroidery book by Mary Engelbreit, and some awesome unique fabric... I haven't made anything out of it, yet!

Mom gave me a cool pattern for an "easy" lunch sack, this weekend sounds like a good time to sew since Alex is having friends over for a Soul Caliber video game tournament.... sound stupid? Well I'm he will have lots of fun and that's all that matters.

I embroidered a tea towel from a pattern out of my Mary Engelbreit book. I love the rick rack around the outside of the tea, so cute! I'm thinking of some day doing my kitchen in black and red to match with all my hello kitty gadgets... someday...
I really enjoy stitching and this was a cute free pattern I found online. It was a really fast stitch it took me about 3 hours, I pared it up with some Amy Butler fabric and it looks great in the bathroom!

So as I said I have 4 weddings this year. Alex's cousin Eric is getting married July, 12th. Then his sister gets married July, 26th. Our good friends Adam and Jackie are getting married in September. Then of course my love Bobbie and Matt's wedding in December. I had bought a dress for Bonnie's wedding then I was thinking a dress, dancing, and me drinking may be a bad thing... Chicago is also coming up in July and I really wanted to buy some ting that I could get good use of. My sister, Maxton, and I went to Sioux Falls on Tuesday and I got a suit which I feel great in, and I think I look pretty damn good in too!
Becki made this great video of Maxton and for those of you who haven't seen its just the best! Shes so creative and Maxton is one hell of a stud!
You should just be able to click on it?


Sunday, April 20, 2008

it's never to late to blog...

Well they always say its better late then never! I've been gone for a while but I'm back now, in this blog episode I'm going to be playing catch up! So this is what I've been up to lately!

So Easter has come and gone but I did dye some eggs, I'm not much of a photo taker but I like how this one turned out. Alex wouldn't help of coarse, but still I enjoyed doing it!

My mom got me two set of charm packs, an Mary Engelbert, and Posy by Moda. I made a table runner out of the posh. This was my first large free motion machine quilting project... I think I turned out alright, as long as you do get too close up! Mom also got me a foot that helps me sew the binding on. I haven tryed it on the java sleeve but I still need some fabric to finish up the table runner.

Other then those few things I really haven't been up to much... Maxton's baptism is coming up this weekend so I'll be cleaning house all week to get ready! It's been nice out and I thinking its going to stay that way for a while so I need to clean the bike and make sure its ready for riding this summer. BBQ and fires at night... Ooh I love summer! Smokey also loves summer... we allow him to go out when hes been good. The problem is when its time to come inside he runs away from us... it usually results in Alex spraying him with the garden hose... well whatever works! Check out all the work I've been doing on the store website. It's looking pretty good, and we are getting cool stuff everyday! There are lots of cool stuff in the store... stop in some time and get some goodies for yourself!!


Friday, February 29, 2008

Star Whores!

He He... So I love this stitchery i just got done! I'm so excited to give it to my big brother for his 30th birthday! I was inspired by a similar star wars stitchery someone did on tea towels. I thought of my brother the moment I saw this so I'm very proud that I got it done in time! So happy birthday to my brother tomorrow!

Tomorrow is suppose to be really nice out! I'm very excited, I'm heading to Sioux Falls to go bridesmaid dress shopping for my Best Friend Bobbies wedding. I'm not to ready for the trying on of all the dresses but hopefully we find something good!

That's all for now! Later

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Day off

So I've had some days off, but they were for Alex's birthday. Today was a day for me, finally. I finished some things I had started. It feels good to get things ends tied up. I also cleaned up my craft room and orginized it a little bit. Now it feels good to go into my craft room and enjoying making stuff.

My new purse I entered in the Amy Bulter purse contest. http://flickr.com/groups/623401@N21/ There are some really cute purses in this contest, I'm very inspired.

I finally turned my Tank Girl emboridery into a pillow! I working on a Star Wars project, I have until the end of this month to get it done, wish me luck!

Made something for the shop today. Its easy being crafty when you have Amy Butler fabric. Also put grandmas wash cloths up for sale on the shop. Check it out! http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5076269

As for the rest of the night, dishes, and American Idol! Here are my favorites so far;

Love these singers I hope they go far!

Ooooh and I love tator tot cassorole even though Alex hates it, I got to enjoy it tonight and I frozen the rest for supper enjoyment later!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Super Bowl, Super stupid if you asked me!

So I'm not a big fan of football. I will follow the Packers, in honor of my family but to sit and watch 4 plus hours of football, not fun for me. I treated the boys with good food, I slow cooked ribs and they were delious! I'm just glad I have a computer and Peggle to run away to.
I've been sticking to my promise to make something each week. I made this cute I pod holder from my Doodle Stitching book, http://www.amazon.com/Doodle-Stitching-Fresh-Embroidery-Beginners/dp/1600590616/ref=pd_bbs_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1202086411&sr=8-1
I also went to Mineapolis market with my boss last weekend. I got to help pick out great things for the store and I finally got to see amy butler fabric up close. I saved money so I could stock up. This is what I went with,

I just grabed whatever jumped out at me. I really love her stuff! Got a bag pattern and I'm using the grey fabric on it, I'm excited to get it done.

I also saw a really cute necklace I made from clasps, such a great idea!

E-quilter came out with wizard of oz fabric. Its really great! I found this pattern on a site and I'm just waiting for my mom to make me something:) hehe.

I really cant imagine what it feels like, I really wanna touch it.

The sepia tones are really cool!

The wicked witch is really my favorite, this would make perfect pj pants.

At market I saw the largest display of wizard of oz collectables! I really wanted something but my bosses store is more primitive and less collectable. 200 dollar minium to order:( Someday...

They had bobbly head they were soo cute!
Thats all for now, enjoy the game all you football lovers!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello Kitty Crazy!

This blog episode my only be interesting to me but, I thought I would share anyways. I always love weird and unusual Hello Kitty items, and whenever I come across these rare jewels I always save them in a file. I thought for this blog I'd share some of my favorite Hello Kitty weird things...

First of all, this rocks! I really wish I could learn to play the guitar! I guess its never to late!

I'm not sure if this was photo shopped, I really hope not Darth Vader Hello Kitty is very cool.

Retro Phone, old school Hello Kittys

Food? I wouldn't want to eat this, too cute!

Very wrong. But amusing.

More Star wars Kitty,

Oh, I found this one just today, I'm very tempted to get this one on me. I love this!

anther weird Hello Kitty. I really love it when they change her make her what she isn't, she looks good being anything!

I love anything arts and crafts kitty. This is a pic. done of her face outta seeds, beautiful!

I know I'm crazy and weird but check these out they are so rad!

Another very crazy Hello Kitty item any collector must have!

Adult size bikes! The one above is available at target.com :) hint hint.

Assault riffle, surprising not the only Hello Kitty gun I have come across.

I'm a big fan of comics, and I just adore this Invisible Woman Hello Kitty.

Gotta get these:)

Don't really know what it is... I'll let you decide.
If your ever bored and wanna check out some blogs I really love you gotta see this one,