Monday, January 21, 2008

Hello Kitty Crazy!

This blog episode my only be interesting to me but, I thought I would share anyways. I always love weird and unusual Hello Kitty items, and whenever I come across these rare jewels I always save them in a file. I thought for this blog I'd share some of my favorite Hello Kitty weird things...

First of all, this rocks! I really wish I could learn to play the guitar! I guess its never to late!

I'm not sure if this was photo shopped, I really hope not Darth Vader Hello Kitty is very cool.

Retro Phone, old school Hello Kittys

Food? I wouldn't want to eat this, too cute!

Very wrong. But amusing.

More Star wars Kitty,

Oh, I found this one just today, I'm very tempted to get this one on me. I love this!

anther weird Hello Kitty. I really love it when they change her make her what she isn't, she looks good being anything!

I love anything arts and crafts kitty. This is a pic. done of her face outta seeds, beautiful!

I know I'm crazy and weird but check these out they are so rad!

Another very crazy Hello Kitty item any collector must have!

Adult size bikes! The one above is available at :) hint hint.

Assault riffle, surprising not the only Hello Kitty gun I have come across.

I'm a big fan of comics, and I just adore this Invisible Woman Hello Kitty.

Gotta get these:)

Don't really know what it is... I'll let you decide.
If your ever bored and wanna check out some blogs I really love you gotta see this one,

Friday, January 18, 2008

Its here, its here!

Pictures really can't show how truly beautiful and comfortable our new furniture is; it truly is sweet ass! I want to paint the wall behind the furniture dark brown. Alex really isn't to keen on the color brown. I just have to change his mind for him: )

We have been rocking out a lot. For Christmas with help from my wonderful friend Bobbi, we bought Rock Band for the X Box360. I usually get suck with singing, I also enjoy playing the drums. I have been working on singing and playing the drums at the same time but that is a challenge. They match your voice up with the words and tones in the song. You have to stay on key which is challenging for me I'm more of an alto. Its addictive we played for 7 hrs one night. I had to quit because I had no voice.

My friend Andrea has birthday today, I finished this pillow for her in the nick of time. Thank goodness I have a job that allows me to do a little stitching. I really enjoy making these little pillows and would like to make some for my etsy shop. What do you think?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Craft Genius at work

Hi there! So I'm very excited, a few weeks ago Alex and I got some new furniture! They didn't have our foot rest in stock so we had to wait a week, but it should arrive tomorrow. The set is a chair and 1/2, ottoman, and couch. I love Amy Butler fabric and I have to order some to make pillows. I can't wait!
I had a day off and really wanted to make something to keep for myself. I got the table runner at work and applicated some primitive stars on. I think it turned out nice. It will look good with the new chair and sofa.
Below is my baby. I love my Pfaff so much! My parents are really good to me and I don't miss my old singer at all, she has a nice home now with my good friend Katrina. Shes a first time sewer, I help her when I can. We have started craft nights and they are always fun.
These are some pictures of my craft room. I love it when bloggers post pictures of there work space so I thought I'd post mine, this is were it all goes down.

Messy but it gets the job done. I have big plans for my craft room but my honey needs to get a little better with construction.

I've got him started on some small projects, it takes him a little while but he gets it done. He got this pirate ship a long time ago and finally finished it. I'm so proud of him!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Yummy Cakes!

I got some wonderful gifts for Christmas. One of my favorite gifts came from my sister and Travis. I got my very own Hello Kitty Waffle maker! Any "adult" kitty item is a must have for me, it fits in great with my toaster and Coffee maker. Someday I will post all my hello kitty stuff, but it will take me a while to get it all together. My breakfast with hello kitty was great!

Picked up a shadow box on one of my visits to Hobby Lobby. Since the arrival of Maxton, my sister got to go through some of the old baby things. She found some really great like gloves that's where my moms, and also some cute under shirts. I love vintage finds and since they were my moms I just jumped! I sewed all the items in place even an old picture of my mother. They look so great together! Shadow boxes are just cool!

I've really been getting into embroidery. Check out, I just love taking something I drew and giving it a life. I'm borrowing my friend Merris light box which is a big help when tracing patterns. I've been working on a few other things too, I will blog more later. Anyways I really love Tank Girl and I had to stitch her out. I think I'll get some camo fabric and turn it into a pillow. Love this!

Working at the Little Red Hen gives me a great place to get my stuff noticed. Not fancy or anything but very useful. Some great coasters! I kept a set for my house, very simple and neat hopefully they will sell.

I've also been working on some valentines things for the store. I got a heart shaped yo yo maker and I've been busy making ornaments for the cutest pink tree my boss and I picked up at Hobby Lobby. Too cute, I love vintage type valentines decoration and I can't wait to make something for my house!