Thursday, March 26, 2009

ahh New Bag!

Well first of all, I've so proud of myself! I'm sewing and working on new things almost every day, and I made a new bag from a pattern I followed all by myself! I'm sure my mother is proud too:)
I finally took this...
and turned some of it into this...

I love love this bag! I made it using a free bag pattern from, Made By Rae. It came together so fast! I have several gift ideas floating around in my head...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sew Busy!

So I kept myself busy this weekend sewing! It was such a beautiful day. Alex and I got on the bikes for a little while but since my tags were expired we stayed close to home. Here's some stuff I made... most of it is for sale at the store (The Little Red Hen), some of it I'm keeping for gifts.

Here's a scarf I made from some left over minkie. It's so soft and snugly, super easy to make too!

I love making yo-yos! Here's another garland I made... The light colors remind me of Easter and it's gonna look great on the white feather tree at the store.

I've sold several of my purse organizers at the store so I used up some fat quarters and made these three.

Remember the sweet treat bag? Well it's super easy pattern to follow, I've adjusted the size several times. This one turned out more like a clutch..

...two small make up bags.
That's all I got for now! See you next time!

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Well it has been awhile! I truly have been busy, but I should always take time out to BLOG! Here's whats been going on with me...
I've been working on wedding stuff, I pretty much have all of my flowers done. My "Hello Kitty" is my favorite, its not finished yet I still need eyes, nose, ears... Alex and I were Usher/Bridesmaid, at Alex's cousin Matt and Bobbies wedding in December... it was a good time.

I was feeling a little sick yesterday, but today I'm much better. So I got motivated and finished this pillow I had stitched a while ago. It feels good to finish old projects!

I took my first class ever, (which my mother taught) and we made this sweet treat bag. It was a free pattern from the moda website that we made at The Pincushion. It was so simple! I'm glad I took this class, I plan on make many more of theses!
Now for some old stuff.... Valentines Day was here and gone. I made two yo-yo heart garlands and sold them both. They are "limited addition".
In January I went to market in Madison Wisconsin with my favorite boss Cathy. We stopped at some really cool quilt shops and I got so awesome fabric! I plan on making a bag of some sort with the blue skull fabric. I loved this vintage Halloween fabric I think I'm going to embroider something and make a wall hanging...
I have a stash I need to organize and make room for more fabric : )
That's all for now, but I'm really going to try to use my blog as motivation to make more stuff this year!