Saturday, May 14, 2011

$1 store cute-ness!

So I stopped at our local Dollar Tree yesterday and grabbed this lil' wicker wreath for $1. I've been wanting to make a spring wreath for the front door for a while now.
We had some left over spray paint from our porch swing so I sprayed the wreath down, then whipped up some felt flowers and leaves. I love playing with felt its a fun material to work with so much you can do with it. I hot glued the flowers on and voila' pretty little spring wreath!
I plan on making more for my Etsy shop and I have lots of seasonal ideas for Fall wreaths, and Christmas wreaths. Alright just posting about this makes me wanna go play with my felt now!

xo robyn

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Snip Snip...

So I'm a little late on this post but about a month ago I cut off 12" of my hair for Locks of Love donation. I'd been growing my hair since our wedding, September 12, 2009. Everyone oooh'd and yaaa'd over my long hair but it was freaking annoying!! I'm not a girly girl so I never did any thing with it, it just hung there, and I was always finding hair in my food in the sink... it needed to go.

Glamour shots when I should be working, he he... Before,

And after,
I can't express how great of a feeling it was to donate 12" of hair and I just LOVE my new do!! I was born to have short hair, but I think growing and donating is in my future for life.

That's all I got for right now, I'm seriously gonna keep up with posting more often I promise!